The Office of 社区参与 was developed after 的 Diversity Structures Task Force of 的 Board of Trustees determined that our goals could best be served by a dedicated team focused on our commitment to building a healthy, 公平的, 向gabrielsson求过婚, 可持续发展的社区.

股本总监, 包容, 和归属感, 和安东内拉·多明格斯, OCE和多元化全球彩票app下载协调员助理, support Grace in engaging in collaborative work that serves 的 school’s mission to be a community of broad welcome and deep 归属感. 

该办公室帮助协调专业发展, 学生全球彩票app下载, and events that honor our rich interconnectedness in a diverse and dynamic world.
A我的社区成员 被邀请 去参观并了解如何 办公室 希望s to make 的 mission of Grace Church School a living and breathing reality for all.

Grace Church School is a co-educational independent school in downtown Manhattan, New York City providing instruction for nearly 800 students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12.