Children in 儿童早期 have many opportunities to share experiences with the entire school community. 艺术,P.E., library, music, dance, and science classes are held in other parts of the school building. 他们和老师一起去上课, passing through the other divisions and observing the variety of activities taking place in the school. They meet with their middle school Book Buddies, who read stories with them each week. Occasionally, the children perform in assemblies for the wider school.
Students develop music literacy by listening to, performing, and analyzing music. 在学校专门的舞蹈工作室, students explore the use of their body as a means of self-expression and joy. Rhythm, tempo, and elementary vocal and movement skills are emphasized in grades JK and K. 一年级的时候, as the students move into separate 跳舞 and 音乐 curriculums, dance and choreographic skills are developed further with greater emphasis on form. First grade music lessons incorporate both Kodaly and Orff methodology. 在一学年的课程中, students “travel” around the world following their social studies curriculum to experience music from each of the seven continents. With plenty of opportunities to create dance and make music while learning to 合作 with classmates, students also have opportunities to perform for each other, 为学校里的其他人, 对父母和照顾者也是如此. While the curriculums have their foundations in classical, 当代, 踢踏舞的风格, 学生在, 暴露于, a variety of dance and music styles while learning that humans around the world all dance and sing. Through all of these musical experiences students connect with their emotions, 为创造性表达找到出口, experience windows into diverse cultures and feel valued as part of a team. 
The 儿童早期 程序 at Grace offers each student a variety of opportunities to explore, 合作, 解决问题, 发展他们的个人声音, 通过创造性的表达来建立社区. Our goal is to embrace the artist in every child and to celebrate the process of creating.

First grade students explore the world through a sequence of projects, integrated with their social studies and science curriculum, 庆祝独特的艺术历史, 文化传统, 以及这些地区的生态多样性. Students practice the basic elements and principles of design through a dynamic range of 2d and 3d media, 包括绘画, 画, 雕塑, 陶瓷, 版画, 纺织艺术. 

科学 in the 儿童早期 is designed to satisfy the children’s innate curiosity through hands-on experience. 幼稚园学生研究鲸鱼, 例如, create large paper whale 雕塑s to get a sense of their enormity. The lesson culminates in a visit to the New York Aquarium at Coney Island. Kindergarteners go to the science lab for weekly classes. They learn about dinosaurs, explore matter and energy, and study the solar system. 他们了解动物群体, 生长的植物, 见证毛毛虫变成蝴蝶, 在春天放蝴蝶庆祝. 

First grade students begin to dive into scientific inquiry and experimentation by closely studying matter, 声音, and buoyancy in order to investigate the ways they all interconnect. They also explore the characteristics of living and nonliving things by determining the properties of living animals. This is achieved by studying life cycles, habitats, and varieties of animals. These simple investigations prepare them for the more abstract science content in the lower school.
Physical education classes are held in the gymnasium where two members of the P.E. 带领孩子们参加活动, 让他们在增加力量的同时玩得开心, 敏捷性, 灵活性, 眼-手和眼-脚协调, 和平衡. JK and K students are introduced to basic manipulative and pre-sports skills using balls, 篮球, 绳子, 桨, 和目标. Students develop large motor skills through structured and unstructured games and play. 一年级P.E. focuses on development and improvement of fundamental skills and movements, which lay the groundwork for sports and physical activities presented in future grades. Elementary forms of sports and lead-up games help students understand objectives, 规则, 策略, and etiquette needed for healthy engagement in activities. Through these interactions, students learn respect for both their own boundaries and those of others. Communication and socialization skills are also emphasized throughout all lessons. Safety, caring, fair play, cooperation, and kindness are themes throughout the curriculum. Daily recess offers additional time and resources for students to practice skills and games from P.E. class.  

Children are naturally inquisitive about the world around them.
Grace Church School is a co-educational independent school in downtown Manhattan, New York City providing instruction for nearly 800 students in Junior Kindergarten through Grade 12.